Caleb Caswell-levy


Originally from Southern California, Caleb did his undergraduate in Ecology and Evolutionary biology at UC Santa Cruz, where he became interested in plant community ecology. After graduating he worked as a vegetation ecologist at Point Reyes National Seashore and Pinnacles National Park. His current research interests include bryophyte community ecology, ecophysiology and systematics, and using phylogenetic and trait information to better understand the dynamics of community assembly. His dissertation research here in the Mishler Lab explores these questions using the Orthotrichum lyellii species complex as a model.

Research Interests

Evolution, ecology and systematics of the Orthotrichaceae; trait ecology and community assembly of epiphytic bryophytes, Ecophysiology and water relations in temperate and tropical mosses; bryophyte floristics

Current Projects

Integrative taxonomy of the Orthotrichum lyellii complex; Phylo-community ecology of epiphytic mosses in central California Oak Savannahs; Dimensions of Biodiversity: Dryland mosses; Bryophyte flora of Mount Diablo State Park, CA.


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