Left to right: Jenna Ekwealor, Ixchel Gonzalez, Brent Mishler, Javi Jauregui, and Caleb Caswell-Levy at Carrizo Plain National Monument, 2019. PHOTO: John Game

The Bryolab is led by Professor Brent Mishler of UC Berkeley’s Integrative Biology Department. Research in this lab focuses primarily on the study of bryophytes, though some students have wandered from the one true path. Emphasis is placed upon (but not limited to) systematics, cladistic analysis biogeography, water relations, developmental morphology, and reproductive ecology.

Brent Mishler is also the Director of the University and Jepson Herbaria, one of the largest botanical research collections in North America.

Lab News:

The whole Bryolab attended Botany 2019 in Tucson, Arizona, in part to attend a concurrent research meeting of participants in the Syntrichia Dimensions of Biodiversity grant, with colleagues attending from a number of collaborating institutions to share results, ideas for analysis, and plans for finishing out the project.  You can read more about the research meeting, and the project as a whole, at: https://3dmoss.berkeley.edu/2019/08/

The 3D Moss Group (NSF Syntrichia Dimensions of Biodiversity Project) in the ‘Moss Mansion’ rental for Botany 2019.

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Phone: (510) 642-6810