Sonia Nosratinia


As the Mishler Lab manager, I manage the lab’s daily operations and finances, train lab users, and keep the lab up to date on methodologies, regulations and compliance.  As a researcher, I work on a variety of projects, some of which are described below. On the mentorship front, I design, recruit for, and oversee undergraduate research projects and offer guidance to the lab members who choose to use their research as an undergraduate mentoring tool in the lab. I have a couple of professional roles outside the Mishler Lab too, as the Rothfels Lab manager and the Department Safety Coordinator for the University and Jepson Herbaria.

Research Interests

I am interested in using molecular genetic tools and natural history collections (dried plant specimens and plant fossils) to test phylogenetic hypotheses. In that framework, I commonly collaborate with colleagues in determining the placement of newly discovered plants collected during field expeditions. My more in-depth research has been focused on the evolutionary relationships and diversification of “extremophiles” (xerophytes and rheophytes). My studies in this context have included plants of the North American deserts, Alaskan tussock tundra, and white water rapids of China.

Current Projects

Desiccation and diversity in dryland mosses

Phylogenetic relationships in the moss genus Claopodium

Phylogenetic relationships in the moss family Bruchiaceae

Evolution, diversification and conservation of angiosperm genera Abronia and Tripterocalyx (Nyctaginaceae).



New species of Sphagnum from the Philippines with remarkable morphological characters
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Philippine Journal of Systematic Biology 12 (1), 25-36

Spatial phylogenetics of the native California flora
AH Thornhill, BG Baldwin, WA Freyman, S Nosratinia, MM Kling, N Morueta-Holme, TP Madsen, DD Ackerly, BD Mishler
BMC biology 15 (1), 96

A New variety of Abronia Mellifera (Nyctaginaceae) of conservation concern in southwestern Idaho
B Ertter, S Nosratinia
Phytoneuron 2016-20: 1–4.

Decoupling of sexual reproduction and genetic diversity in the female-biased Mojave Desert moss Syntrichia caninervis (Pottiaceae)
AE Paasch, BD Mishler, S Nosratinia, LR Stark, KM Fisher
International Journal of Plant Sciences 176 (8), 751-761

A revisitation of species circumscriptions and evolutionary relationships in Scouleria (Scouleriaceae)
BE Carter, S Nosratinia, JR Shevock
Systematic Botany 39 (1), 4-9

Evolutionary relationships in sand verbenas: insights from DNA sequence data
S Nosratinia
San Francisco State University

Phylogenetic relationships of Yunnanobryon (Regmatodontaceae)
S Nosratinia, JR Shevock, BD Mishler
The Bryologist 114 (3), 547-555

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